Tis the Season to be... overwhelmed?!

Tis the Season to be... overwhelmed?!

December 8, 2021

As the hustle and bustle of the holidays is well underway, after what has been arguably the most trying and uncertain time in recent history, we desperately crave festivity and connection to friends and loved ones.  Yet, all that planning can add to our already overwhelming sense of being spread too thin in one way or another. It seems our time and resources are more precious, and scarce, than ever.  Everyone I know is struggling and fighting their own battle in their own way, it seems we are all desperate for relief from our anxiety and stress. So as the holidays approach, let’s not miss the joy of the season. As we grasp at what we believe will be the balm to soothe our tired and weary souls, maybe the best thing we can do is stop, be still, and listen.

Does this resonate with you friend?  For me, in my current season, the stress of building a company from the ground up amidst economic uncertainty and a global pandemic is often overwhelming.  Leaving the security of a corporate career for the unknown is scary and stressful.  To say my time and resources are spread thin is an understatement.  Yet, when I push back the demands of the day each morning to get quiet and still with the Lord, he reminds me that his yoke is easy and I was not called to be all things to all people in every moment. He shows me how all my scurrying about is in vain if I am not listening for his still small voice to guide me.  My priority is not to enter all the things in the website. … Wait, what?! “But Lord, people can’t buy products from me for the holidays if I don’t have them loaded into the website. How will I make ends meet if I don’t sell products?  People are expecting to see products, why can’t I find the time to enter … ALL THE PRODUCTS?”  … Friend, do you ever picture Jesus shaking his head in amazement at you? I do.  Not in the “that a girl, I’m proud of you” way, I mean the “when will you ever listen?” kind of way. I am so thankful for his patience and that his mercies are new every morning! He has reminded me time and again that my calling is not to sell products (though that will come in his timing and I will be oh so grateful for his provision in that).  No, my calling, the calling for us all, is to testify to his goodness and his love and kindness.  I started this company as my way of planting kingdom seeds, a way to align what I do for a living with my faith.  As I shared my plans for this business with a sweet new friend at a writer’s conference earlier this year, I mentioned how I was apprehensive about it and was praying God would open doors and bless it.  I remember being struck by her words “maybe he will not open the doors and bless it till you are obedient to your call to write”.  Out of all the conversations over those few days, her words keep resonating with me.  Especially since I feel I am trying to run in waist deep mud and making no progress.  Though I am not equipped to write, though society will label me as unqualified; he labels me as his own, and he will equip me for what he calls me to.  I was not called to be perfect, that is impossible for us all; therefore, I will humbly and obediently pour onto the page, I will share this journey and testify to his goodness and the miraculous ways he speaks to me and works for me. I can’t wait to see what he has planned next, for I know that even when I can’t see it, he’s working.  I invite you to journey with me and share your testimony along the way.  May I never neglect stopping to give thanks and remember his faithfulness.

So, while I was tempted to skip the Christmas decorating and festivities so I can enter inventory in the website and try to earn a living.  I refuse to give in to that.  I will decorate and celebrate the very special reason for the season, make the cookies and coco, and savor precious time with loved ones and building new friendships. The reason for the season is not presents and a frenzy of activities, and this company is not about dollars, it is about relationships and enjoying the journey, it’s about his glory and his kingdom.  I will put my trust in his provision and the promises in his word.  I guess I needed his reminder this morning… at The LOL Studio, we are learning the art of living well, of living a Life of Love.  

The biblical definition of Joy is a feeling of happiness and contentment that is based upon who Jesus is rather than on what is happening around us.  Joy comes from the Holy Spirit, abiding in God’s presence and from hope in His word. Christmas is the season of joy because of the hope we find in the miraculous gift of Jesus.  Let’s choose JOY, not stress, this holiday season. When we give him our best and stay close to him, all else will fall into place.  

Please post your comments, I want to know…

What is draining you this season?  Where are you placing your trust? What’s on your heart, where is he leading and prompting you?

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