Holding each other Accountable

Holding each other Accountable

I recently had a friend tell me a hard truth, she said it out of love, but it was still hard to hear. She said that I often tend to listen to respond rather than just listen. Ouch! But it's true. I guess that's why it hurt my pride, and my heart. I do not want to be so caught up in myself and my own opinions that I fail to be a good friend. The truth hurts sometimes, but it can also set you free.  Did I wish she had not said it loud enough for the table next to us to hear every word? Absolutely.  Regardless, I needed to hear it, and I am so grateful she had the courage to tell me. Who knows, perhaps the table next to us needed to hear it too. 

Yes, the truth hurts sometimes, but it can also set you free.  Free from the pressure of being expected to have all the answers, free to just be present in the moment and feel what my friend is feeling. There is freedom in fellowship. 

Despite being the youngest, I was raised to be the solver of problems, for my Mom and my family. From a very young age, I had to be the peacekeeper and the peacemaker in my home. As a result, it has become my mindset for every conversation. It is going to take some Holy restraint to reprogram my brain in this area, but I am determined to be a better friend by listening to hear; not just with my ears, but with my heart.  Lord, help me to only offer advice and solutions when I am asked or prompted by the Holy Spirit.

My friend helped me to see an area I need to grow in, and I am so thankful for that lesson in humility. Has there been a time recently where the Holy Spirit used someone or a situation to humble you? As hard as it can be, what did you learn from that experience? What steps can you take to grow in that area?

Below is a link to a related devotion by Jennie Allen on the Proverbs 31 Ministries website. P31 has many valuable resources to encourage you and equip you for your journey. I use their resources daily and am thankful for the wisdom and comfort I have found on those pages. I recieve no compensation for reccomending them, I simply love to share a good thing. 😘



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