Wellness Wednesday Spotlight:  Environmental Working Group

Wellness Wednesday Spotlight: Environmental Working Group

Hi Friends,

I want to ensure you know about the Environmental Working Group ( https://www.ewg.org/ ) and all they are doing on our behalf; you may want to bookmark some of their pages.  Since 1993, this community of Scientists has been working tirelessly to bring information to light that will help us make better choices for the environment, our families, and ourselves.  EWG conducts research and gathers information about consumer products, cosmetics, energy and toxic chemicals.


EWG’s areas of focus:  https://www.ewg.org/areas-focus

PFAS Chemicals (Featured area of focus)

COVID 19 (Key Issue of focus)

Food & Water

Farming & Agriculture

Personal Care Products

Household & Consumer Products


Family Health

Toxic Chemicals

Regional Issues


Consumer Guides:  https://www.ewg.org/consumer-guides

Tap Water Database

EWG Verified

Skin Deep

Dirty Dozen

Guide to Healthy Living

Guide to Solar Energy


I will be diving into each of these links over the coming weeks but please, check these out for yourself and bookmark them for future use.  You will be amazed, and I think outraged, at some of what you learn.

Be well my friends!


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