Introduction to the Dirty Dozen

Introduction to the Dirty Dozen

Hi friends, it’s Wellness Wednesday!

I’d like to start digging into The Dirty Dozen a bit (not the old movie).  When we talk about The Dirty Dozen, we are referring to classes of chemicals and toxins, and the ways in which they impact our health, and our environment.  Over the coming weeks, we will explore information and resources so you can decide for yourself; but make no mistake, this topic deserves some serious attention.

Our personal care products are outdated and dangerous. Especially here in the United States! Asbestos. Formaldehyde. Lead. Not exactly the words you think of when you’re purchasing your favorite personal care products. Sadly, toxic chemicals in our cosmetics, sunscreens and skin care products have gone unregulated as far back as the Great Depression. While other countries have taken action to protect their citizens from chemicals linked to cancer and reproductive harm, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t even require the basic safety testing of ingredients in personal care products before they’re used. (Excerpt from the EWG, see link below).   

Think your products are safe because they have a healthy sounding name and are endorsed by a well-known actor?  You may just be buying a well-marketed product being promoted by a well-meaning but clueless actor. Using tools like the EWG's Skin Deep Database and the Think Dirty app can help you make educated choices about the products you put on your skin. We will take a closer look at those in the coming weeks.

These toxins and chemicals cause cancer and disease. Many will tell you that it is just a small amount, so it's nothing to be concerned about.  Those small amounts are cumulative, they add up over time, and we are constantly bombarded by these chemicals in our everyday products! If each person has their own tipping point for disease, I personally want to tip the scales in my favor, not push the limits. Many of us are already cancer survivors and have autoimmune diseases, so can we really afford to keep going down the same path? 

Together, let's follow the news and research so we can make better choices for our health and for our families.  Knowledge is power! 

Please be sure to check out the links below, they are valuable resources to bookmark for reference. 

Excerpts and Resources:

Think Dirty App

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