Do You Know What's in Your Water?

Do You Know What's in Your Water?

It’s not something we want to think about, ignorance is bliss - right?  Knowing that there are likely toxic forever chemicals in that refreshing cool glass of water you are drinking would really be a downer.  But knowledge is power my friends! We can use that knowledge to protect our environment, our health, and our families. Together, we can put pressure on the FDA, EPA, and other federal agencies to help protect our water supply and the health of our families and communities.

Nothing is more important to your health and quality of life than safe drinking water and clean streams and lakes. Across the country, pollution from farms is one of the primary reasons our water is no longer clean or safe. Agriculture is the leading source of pollution of rivers and streams surveyed by U.S. government experts, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Thankfully, if we make simple changes in the way we farm, we can take a big step toward clean water. (Credit: )

The Environmental Working Group’s research on PFAS chemicals, lead and carcinogens in our water supply is eye opening.  Want to know how safe your tap water is?  Just enter your zip code in the EWG Tap Water Database: Also be sure to get your Tap Water Consumer Guide and EWG’s Guide to Safe Drinking Water while you are there!  It’s EASY and you will be so glad you did!

The mission of the EWG is to empower us with breakthrough research to make informed choices and live a healthy life in a healthy environment. I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely thankful that someone is advocating and speaking truth. Thank you!

After reviewing the results for my own zip code in the Tap Water Database, I’m thinking about checking into reverse osmosis!

Check it out friends, be well, live well.

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